:  SOLA (Surgical Online Logbook and Assessments)

Trainees:   The SOLA traning manual and  notes on how to complete the logbook please see the SOLA section on the NZAGS website (you will need to be logged in).

Assessments - remember to upload these via SOLA in the "Assessment" section.  Choose the correct rotation, your current SET level and browse for your assessment.  Continue to add operative procedures to your SOLA logbook during the rotation.

Hospital SupervisorsApproving logbooks -  'your trainees' tab which allows you to view the training progress of trainees in your hospital. 

Assessors:  Reviewing trainee competencies.  Please use the email used for the notification of the assessment as your username.  Use "Reset Password" if you have never logged in before, or you have forgotten your password.  If you would like your username set to a different password please email with your preference.

If you wish to change your username, please email  and advise us of your new email with your name and hospital please.



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